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This guide is not complete, it is only a beginning. There are undoubtedly very many archives of UK aircraft manufacturers that are not yet included.

Bristol Boxkite biplane in flight above Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol, 1910.
© BAE Systems [Ref: BAE PH1 EA/666]

The Aviation and Aerospace Archives Initiative (AAAI) invites all those interested in the heritage of the UK aircraft manufacturing sector, whether as archive holders or as aviation historians or enthusiasts, to contribute to the guide by providing information on other relevant archive holdings known to you. In that way the guide can gradually become more and more complete.

A form template for contributing information is available for contributors who find that a useful way of organising their contribution.

Whether you want to provide an entirely new entry or add information to an existing entry, we have prepared some detailed guidance notes to help potential contributors understand how the survey entries have been compiled and formatted. You can find that guidance here. We would also welcome feedback on the content that we have already put online.

Please send any additional content or feedback to the UK aircraft manufacturers archive guide team via the AAAI mailbox at

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